JUDAS MAGAZINE has made me the honour....

One very personal and one of the most interesting interviews i have ever been requested to give.




Judas disdains the pop culture that makes young women think that the best thing they can be is sexy. If that makes us feminists, so be it. Celebrity worship is not a part of their brand culture. Instead, Judas thinks that people should be considered extraordinary for their achievements, thoughts or struggles. 

They want to sell ideas rather than products. Editorial independence is the basis of their work. Every stylist, editor and writer has the freedom to highlight a product, brand or company without interference from the owners of the publication or its marketing department.

They love fashion and are not ashamed of it. Believing that fashion journalism should have the same research, high standards and narrative excellence than one should expect to find in quality newspapers. 

Believing in a government for the people, not the corporations. Many are disillusioned with mainstream politics and have turned their backs to it. They want to connect readers with the world around them so that they feel empowered to affect it. Not going to tell you what to think or what to wear. Judas' mission is to spark people's imagination and cultivate opinion.

Ideas can change the world.

This is Judas' manifesto and i love it. This is what they stand for and i admire it. (text taken from www.judasmag.com)




(Headband and muzzle - leather/aluminium - entry from MonoSpace Shoreditch last March) 

MONO Opened the doors of its first pop up store in Shoreditch / March 19th '15 and on Thursday the 11th of June was the launch of their second concept store, this time in Notting Hill / 79-81 Ledbury street. Founded by Marina Bury Christellou and Myrta Mitropoulou, MONO represents their shared passion to help Greek design go a step further in the global fashion and design arena. Those girls are just going to ROCK this!

So what is MONO? It is a new mobile fashion concept store giving a UK platform for exclusive pieces by emerging contemporary Greek designers that will pop up in different London locations. "Each space is curated to reflect the aesthetic character of the neighbourhood it temporarily inhabits and runs for a period of ten days and new locations every 3-4 months"

MONO is an ongoing, organic project having as a vision to travel more and make appearances in other European cities and furthermore to present a collective Greek initiative to the rest of the world. And i have no doubts about this vision coming to life.

MONOSPACE in Notting Hill will be open until the 21st of June 2015. Make sure you visit! X


The Riverside Journals | London Lifestyle Magazine

 a beautiful cover for the December issue of The Riverside Journals. A London lifestyle magazine focused on articles on events, restaurants and businesses for London readers. The magazines are distributed to all of the high streets and targeted at boutiques, galleries, hair & beauty salons, estate agents, cafes, restaurants and other prestigious venues in and around the Thames corridor. Read all the articles on the website.


Thank you Lancia for those beautiful words.

"Tribes and traditional costumes from various parts of the world have inspired Greek designer Christina Ioannidou for her graduate collection in jewelry design at London College of Fashion.

Titled "Prosopon", it consists of five masks, all one-off pieces, sold personally through her website and made with contrasting materials: fur, metal and natural leather juxtaposed with bright colors.

Each headpiece has a different muse, daring to use important names from various cultures such as "Tohunga", "Vanda", "Kose", "Rammellzee" and "Cosmic".

The London-based designer is particularly influenced by ethnic-tribal styles that evoke distant cultures and which she reinterprets with charm. Bold geometries, unusual combinations that give the accessories a rather irregular and wild look. But anyways always chic.

The designer is already thinking about her new collection and her new creative studio, soon equipped entirely anew."

Source: http://www.lanciatrendvisions.com/en/artic...

Schoolhouse Frocks totally Rocks

They were established about a year ago... now they have so many viewers every day and so many things to share! 

Devoted to fashion and all the young and rising designers. 

They love us and we love them! 

Back in September i had my first entry about my work, there. A few months later and after my new Look book, they have created a second entry! Couldn't be more obliged! 

Reading the comments of genuine reactions from viewers, as i always say, is maybe one of the best aspects of being an artist and exposing your work to the world. How people receive it is so crazy EXCITING!!!

take a look on what I'm talking about:



GANG is ganging hard...


New Exciting Editorial with PROSOPON COLLECTION and one very interesting interview held with the magazine. Big thank you to Dimitris Folas and the whole Gang team. One more ,but not like any other, online magazine devoted to new designers and fashion generated.


From editor's note THIS is what gang magazine is.


"Devoted to feature the work of graduate and emerging creative talents of British fashion design, GANG online magazine is launched as the platform of graduate and emerging designers. Gang magazine stands for

Ganging A New Generation of designers


GANG is not just another fashion magazine, showing fashion editorials and following season’s trends. It is a collaborative project that brings the freshest of the fashion talents of the UK to work with industry creatives and to produce high-quality work that offers the best exposure chances for their work. GANG magazine finds and promotes a blend of the best fresh talents of fashion."

Dimitris Folas, Founding Editor and Creative Director









ForTheUnexpected interview

Fortheunexpected is a very fresh online magazine that describes itself as a platform dedicated to serving people's unconventional needs, tastes and affections. A guide that embraces the contemporary aesthetics and not just the ordinary things. “Searching for the unexpected is like searching for the unconventional. Moments and prototype things of your life that are not mainstream. We live for the new ones but we never forget the old. We are willing to meet them for inspiration and revitalization”

See my interview with the director, Nikolas Sofianos, that took place this March '14 and enjoy the rest of the ride in this creative webworld!



So lets follow their advice and "Revitalize our affections".

thank you GLOW issue #92 apr.2014

Isn't this a beautiful page devoted to my work? Yes it is oh yes it is!

Honoured and happy to have URSUL and COSMIC (hat) pieces included in this April's issue! And for those of you that might not read greek... (wouldn't surprise me) this article is written by Apostolos Koukidis and this page is part of GLOW magazine! It is a part of a very interesting interview we did with Mr.Koukidis a while ago. Thank you for the nice words.

GLOW has been glowing since 2005 and has been sharing its aspect in fashion and lifestyle with its readers.

It is a free press - monthly lifestyle magazine, published in Thessaloniki - Greece

See more at www.glow.gr and read more at www.glow.gr/blog



Muuse x Vogue Talents


  One more year that this competition reaches out to discover and lighten up some of the up and coming young designers around the world!

  Muuse x VogueTalents young vision awards cc14 is running until February and we should all keep an eye! Me, personally, was lucky enough to be part of this brilliant competition and  am running for the award at the moment. Together with some remarkably beautiful works from nearly 200 other designers! The voting is still going on and i must admit i feel blessed by everyones' support!

Keep on going and voting here…http://vogue.muuse.com/#!vote/371-christina-ioannidou


Share the love and discover how different minds express their creativity. Also get the chance to win a gift card to spend on Muuse website on crazy shopping!

 Today, in Copenhagen, was the opening of the exhibition that showcases a sample of the participants' work. Including three pieces from my 'Prosopon' Collection! The first day went great with some of the most important fashion personas visiting Bella Center, Crystal Hall in Copenhagen Fashion Week and honouring our work with their appearance! 

The exhibition will be open until the 2nd of February and the voting for the next phase will keep running until the 17th of Fabruary! After passing this phase, the designers will advance to the semi-finals and be presented to Vogue Senior Fashion Editor and Vogue Talents Editor Sara Maino, who will select the final winner, as well as 10 finalists. The prizes are unspeakably important and amazingly supportive for a great career beginning! 

Spend some seconds to get the idea here:  http://vogue.muuse.com/#

Losing or Winning one thing is for sure; The support received from all my friends, family and people around the world has made me feel like a lucky winner 1000 times already since last Monday! That is all that matters! Thank you all! 

Keep going until all dreams come true! thank u all


photo (4).JPG


Thank you for the nice words OZON!

For anyone not aware of OZON magazine, it is an urban fashion magazine that has had a stable and significant reputation as an independent publication since 1996. Born in Greece, from a very creative and talented group of people, OZON is a different form of fashion periodical. It is a perfect world for references about alternative arts and a collection of treasures all gathered together. Great photography, styling, fashion, music and arts all focused on urban youth!

All this great content, and many more entries, can now be accessed online through OZON's digital form, OZONWEB ( en.ozonweb.com ) 

spend some moments to see what a fantastic work has been going on there and take a look on the link below! I appreciate this beautiful entry about my first collection, "Prosopon"


Into the Fashion

The Fashion workshop by Vicky Kaya has created an online blogzine called 'Into The Fashion' which i would recommend you all to have a closer look at! Created by the students and powered by the thirst of knowledge! Beautiful content and glimpses into the wonderful and full of surprises world of fashion!

Last month one very flattering article under the title "Meet the Artist: Christina Ioannidou", by Yiota Dendrinou, about my work, put a smile on my face! Thank you Yiota for this beautiful entry and well done to all the students for the amazing and professional work done! 

have a look here x




oh yes! Pigeons & Peacocks issue 6

this new issue will be out soon!

On the 26th of October the 6th issue of Pigeons & Peacocks will be out including my new editorial! Thanks to Ella Sullivan! I believe this work is going to be only very beautiful! 

Rammellzee and Comsic pieces from Prosopon collection! photography and styling: Ella Sullivan

Rammellzee and Comsic pieces from Prosopon collection! photography and styling: Ella Sullivan

Assembly required says BULLETT media

Oh yes we got a fresh publication of Prosopon collection this September! 

amazing fashion editorial on BULLETTmedia by Ben Barna!

I just love how the colours melt together! Beautiful outcome! many bravoooss and thanks to the great stylist Samuel Gallagher and of course, photographer Bryan Huynh. Yunhui An, (whose work also featured in this editorial) is also graduate from LondonCollege of Fashion 2013; happy to see her beautiful work put together with mine so beautifully.

(Grooming: Nóra Belovai using Chanel and MAC Pro, Stylistʼs Assistant: Viktorija Tom)



Source: http://bullettmedia.com/article/fashion-ed...

London Fashion week 2013

People from around the world, amazing catwalks, fashion, colours and heavily made statements.  London Fashion Week is always a great place to get inspired from and break the rules. London is all about that anyway isn't it?  

Pieces from my "Prosopon" collection worn for the first time in a place outside a photographic studio. I find so exciting the reactions caused by a person putting on a mask. Exposes so many things about the personality and at the same time, hiding it so well.